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Our Story
Welcome To QueensFloor

QueensFloor is a distinguished leader in the flooring industry, specializing in the supply and installation of high-quality flooring solutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, QueensFloor has established itself as a premier provider of SPC flooring, SPC herringbone flooring, laminated flooring and PVC/vinyl flooring. Our mission is to transform spaces with innovative and stylish flooring solutions that enhance the aesthetic appeal, functionality and value of residential and commercial properties.

Why Choose Us
Quality Assurance
Our flooring solutions are crafted using the finest materials and adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring longevity and performance.
Innovative Designs
We stay at the forefront of design trends, offering a wide variety of flooring styles that cater to modern, classic and contemporary aesthetics.
Professional Installation
Our skilled team of professionals ensures accurate and efficient installation, transforming spaces with precision and attention to detail.
Customer-centric Approach
QueensFloor places customer satisfaction at the core of its operations, offering personalized solutions, expert guidance and exceptional customer support.
Commitment to Sustainability
We are dedicated to environmentally responsible practices and strive to source materials and produce flooring solutions with minimal ecological impact.
Persatuan Pegawai Kastam Marin Malaysia (PPKMM)

Persatuan Pegawai Kastam Marin Malaysia (PPKMM)

Persatuan Pegawai Kastam Marin Malaysia (PPKMM)

Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara Malaysia (MTPN)

Core Expertise
Business Nature

QueensFloor's core expertise lies in offering a comprehensive range of flooring options that cater to diverse needs and design preferences. Our product offerings include: